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Smart and Sustainable Cities

smart city

By incorporating the work of architects, urban planners, policy analysts, historians, sociologists, philosophers, computer scientists, economists, and engineers, the Center for Urban Innovation takes an un-siloed approach to the promise of new technologies to improve and manage the urban condition.

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People, Places and Production

people places production

The Center for Urban Innovation conducts and supports research projects that examines the connection between people, places, and production through an interdisciplinary lens. Topics include the emerging industrial data sector, the role of the Essential Economy, and much more.

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Living Histories

city studio

The City influences daily life with its history and operates as a site for studio work for our students and faculty to design and deploy civic innovations in the use and application for big data, personal technologies, crowd-sourced information, new institutional forms and university-community partnerships.


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Featured Work

Local Data Design Lab


The Local Data Design Lab is building new capacities for data literacy with a seed-grant awarded by CUI.

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Post: "What are Industrial Data?"

industrial data

Supraja Sudharasn, Jennifer Clark, and Thomas Lodato profile their upcoming paper on the emerging industrial data industry and its implications for economic development.

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Book Release: Surrogate Suburbs


In Surrogate Suburbs: Black upward mobility and neighborhood change in Cleveland, 1900-1980, CUI Researcher Todd Michney tells the neglected story of the black middle class in America’s cities prior to the 1960s.

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