Industrial Data and Regional Economic Development


Industrial Data 2


The Industrial Data study is a collaboration with Georgia Tech’s Strategic Energy Institute (SEI)’s Energy Policy Innovation Center (EPIC). Dr. Jennifer Clark, Director of the Center for Urban Innovation and CUI researchers and graduate students are collaborating on the project with researchers at SEI and Georgia Tech’s Scheller Business Analytics Center (BAC).

The Industrial Data and Regional Economic Development study began in January 2017 and explores the opportunities and challenges presented by industrial data. The project analyzes the policy implications that surround the sharing and use of industrial data—for small firms, utilities, large corporations, and a start-ups. The project also examines the potential for commercialization of industrial data and the development of new markets. The goal of the project is to understand the implications of industrial data for regional economic development and to design a model of industrial data as an emerging industry sector with its own critical input factors and specialized infrastructure requirements.

EPIC was established in 2016 to undertake interdisciplinary studies on regional, national and global energy issues, host conferences, workshops and symposiums and tap into expertise available in the Southeast region for learning and information exchange. By bringing experts from industry, academic think tanks  and non-government organizations together with academic scholars and students, the center aims to facilitate collaborations across a broad range of stakeholders on relevant energy issues. CUI works with the Strategic Energy Institute on industrial data, regional economic development, and smart cities research.