Making Legacy Data Available and Accessible for the Smart City

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As a limited inquiry into these challenges and opportunities for legacy data, we propose exploring the process of digitizing and making accessible the budget and fiscal reporting data currently available from the City of Atlanta. The goals of this research are both practical and exploratory. Through this demonstration case, we will ascertain the cost and timeline for digitizing public data more generally as well as understand the challenges and opportunities incurred by making publicly available data operational for smart city systems through online databases and APIs. In short, the project addresses the problem of developing a process and method for converting data series, making data series available, and elaborating on policy issues related to smart cities data stewardship.


Academic Publications

  • Lodato, T., Clark, J., & French, E. (under review). Open Government Data in the Smart City: Interoperability, Urban Knowledge, and Linking Legacy Systems. Journal of Urban Affairs.
  • Lodato, T, French, E., & Clark, J. (under review). Smart Governance across Cities in the Contemporary Era. Journal of Urban Affairs.

Presentations and Conferences

  • Lodato, T. (2017). Legacy Data Project. Talk Data To Me Speaker Series (hosted by General Assembly). Atlanta, GA. April 4.
  • Lodato, T. (2017). Legacy Data at the City of Atlanta. City of Atlanta. Atlanta, GA. August 25.
  • Lodato, T. & Clark, J. (2017). Wrangling Legacy Data: Preparing for Sociotechnical Change in the Smart City. Georgia Tech Smart Cities Speaker Series. Atlanta, GA. August 25.
  • Clark, J. & Lodato, T. (2018). The Work of Smart Cities: Skill and Sociotechnical Change in the Smart City. Urban Affairs Association Annual Conference. Toronto, ON. April 4-7.

Blog Posts and More

Blog: Wrangling Legacy Data: Preparing for Sociotechnical Change in the Smart City

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