The City as Studio


The Center for Urban Innovation supports action research engaged in real cities in real time with real residents, citizens, and community stakeholders. This work often involves civic innovation, design interventions, and technology diffusion.  Our faculty and student partners are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers ranging from digital media to architecture to computing to community development to philosophy of science and technology. 

The Cityoften our own home City of Atlanta but often also other cities as welloperate a site for studio work for our students and faculty to design and deploy civic innovations in the use and application for big data, personal technologies, crowd-sourced information, new institutional forms and university-community partnerships.  Our work covers both hard infrastructure (skyscrapers and stadiums, innovation districts) and soft infrastructure (technology systems) in the built environment. 

The CUI also archives these projects on behalf of its partners, faculty, and students in order to provide a record of this work and a roadmap for future engagement and a catalog of emerging best practices.