Sustainable Cities


The Center for Urban Innovation supports and highlights smart, sustainable solutions to urban challenges.  The faculty and students working with the CUI take an interdisciplinary approach to intractable problems and pursue innovative solutions by leveraging the assets of a global university located in a dynamic and diverse metropolitan city.  

For example, CUI faculty look towards urban agriculture as a means to mitigate urban heat islands and minimize the negative health effects of urban food deserts---simultaneously confronting the dual challenges posed by climate change and economic inequality. Similarly, CUI faculty look at urban transit through the lens of “hard infrastructure” like streets and light rail, as well as “soft infrastructure” like devices and apps that connect citizens to real-time information about bikes, parkways, and pedestrian-friendly routes.

By incorporating the work of architects, urban planners, policy analysts, historians, sociologists, philosophers, computer scientists, economists, and engineers, the Center for Urban Innovation takes an un-siloed approach to the promise of new technologies to improve and manage the urban condition.  This interdisciplinarity allows for a smart research approach to building and maintaining sustainable cities.