Academic Work

Forthcoming Publications:

“Local Communities, Self Organization & Policy.” Jennifer Clark
In The New Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography.

“Resilient Regions, Smart Cities, Innovative Industries: Policy Design for Sustainable Economies through Strategic Technology Diffusion.” Jennifer Clark
In Resilience in Cities and Regions.

“Food Truck Fervor: The Story of Atlanta’s Move to Champion Mobile Cuisine and Create New Community Spaces.” Mackenzie Wood, Emma French, and Jennifer Clark. In From Loncheras to Lobsta Love: Food trucks, cultural identity and social justice.


Surrogate Suburbs: Black Upward Mobility and Neighborhood Change in Cleveland, 1900-1980. Todd Michney


Issue-Oriented Hackathons as Material Participation Thomas Lodato and Carl DiSalvo

The Third Industrial Revolution and the City? Digital Manufacturing and the Transformation of Homes into Miniature Factories.” Bryson, John R., Jennifer Clark, and Rachel Mulhall, in New (Industrial) Revolution and the City 

Review of The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies Jennifer Clark

Spatialities of data: mapping social media ‘beyond the geotag’ Taylor Shelton

Using Geotagged Digital Social Data in Geographic Research Ate Poorthuis, Matthew Zook, Taylor Shelton, Mark Graham, and Monica Stephens, in Key Methods in Geography (3rd Edition)

Revisiting Critical GIS Jim Thatcher, Luke Bergmann, Britta Ricker, Reuben Rose-Redwood, Daniel O’Sullivan, Trevor J. Barnes, Luke R. Barnesmoore, Laura Beltz Imaoka, Ryan Burns, Jonathan Cinnamon, Craig M. Dalton, Clinton Davis, Stuart Dunn, Francis Harvey, Jin-Kyu Jung, Elen Kersten, LaDona Knigge, Nick Lally, Wen Lin, Dillon Mahmoudi, Michael Martin, Will Payne, Amir Sheikh, Taylor Shelton, Eric Sheppard, Chris W. Strother, Alexander Tarr, Matthew W. Wilson and Jason C. Young. 

The Internet and Global Capitalism Matthew Zook and Taylor Shelton, in International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment and Technology


The Handbook of Manufacturing Industries in the World Economy John R. Bryson, Jennifer Clark, and Vida Vanchan

Working Regions: Rethinking Regional Manufacturing Policy Jennifer Clark

Issue-Oriented Hackathons as Ad-Hoc Design Events Thomas Lodato and Carl DiSalvo

Conducting And Constructing Participation in Participatory Arts and HCI Hrönn Brynjarsdóttir Holmer, Carl DiSalvo, Phoebe Sengers, and Thomas Lodato

Social Media and the City: Rethinking Urban Socio-spatial Inequality Using User-generated Geographic Information Taylor Shelton, Ate Poorthuis, and Matthew Zook

The 'Actually Existing Smart City' Taylor Shelton, Matthew Zook, and Alan Wiig


Manufacturing by Design: The Rise of Reginal Intermediaries and the Re-emegence of Collective Action Jennifer Clark

Siting 'Scientific' Spaces in the US: The Push and Pull of Regional Development Strategies and National Innovation Policies Jennifer Clark

Where’s Love in e-Waste? Thomas Lodato and Daria Loi

Building Belonging Carl DiSalvo, Melissa Gregg, and Thomas Lodato

Making Public Things: How HCI Design Can Express Matters of Concern Carl DiSalvo, Jonathan Lukens, Thomas Lodato, Tom Jenkins, and Tanyoung Kim

Mapping the Data Shadows of Hurricane Sandy: Uncovering the Sociospatial Dimensions of 'Big Data' Taylor Shelton, Ate Poorthuis, Mark Graham, and Matthew Zook


Working Regions: Reconnecting Innovation and Production in the Knowledge Economy Jennifer Clark

The Competitiveness and Evolving Geography of British Manufacturing: Where Is Manufacturing Tied Locally and How Might This Change? John R. Bryson, Jennifer Clark, and Rachel Mulhall

Learning with Polyphony: AmpDamp Amelia Acker, Melissa Chalmers, Matt Burton, Grant Wythoff, and Thomas Lodato

Geography and the Future of Big Data, Big Data and the Future of Geography Mark Graham and Taylor Shelton


Basic Methods of Policy Analysis And Planning Carl Patton, David Sawicki, and Jennifer Clark 


An Emerging Geography of Intangible Assets: Financialization in Carbon Emissions Credit and Intellectual Property Markets Jennifer Clark and Janelle Knox-Hayes

The Collective Articulation of Issues as Design Practice Carl DiSalvo, Thomas Lodato, Laura Fries, Beth Schechter, and Thomas Barnwell


The Typology of 'Innovation Districts' : What Is Means for Regional Resilience Jennifer Clark, Hsin-I Huang, and John P. Walsh

Coordinating a Conscious Geography: The Role of Research Centers in Multi-scalar Innovation Policy and Economic Development in the US and Canada Jennifer Clark

Limits to ‘The Learning Region’: What University-centered Economic Development Can (and Cannot) do to Create Knowledge-based Regional Economies Susan Christopherson and Jennifer Clark


Integrating Investment and Equity: A Critical Regionalist Agenda for a Progressive Regionalism Jennifer Clark and Susan Christopherson


Power in Firm Networks: What it Means for Regional Innovation Centers Susan Christopherson and Jennifer Clark

Remaking Regional Economies Susan Christopherson and Jennifer Clark

Other Publications


A National Urban Innovation Report Jeffrey A. Robinson


Building A Nation of Makers: Six Ideas to Accelerate the Innovative Capacity of America's Manufacturing SMEs Haley Barbour and Evan Dayh

i-teams: The Teams and Funds Making Innovation Happen in Governments Around the World Ruth Puttick, Philip Colligan, and Peter Baeck

Megacities and the United States Army: Preparing for a Complex and Uncertain Future Marc Harris, Robert Dixon, Nicholas Melin, Daniel Hendrex, Richard Russo, and Michael Bailey